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Mornings like this I can understand the appeal of killer high heels. When Bea’s with me, her heels click with command down the sidewalk: Get out of my way, I’m in charge and I’ve got the footwear to prove it. I wear flats or trainers and let the sidewalk serve me quietly. But today there is no commanding clack beside me.

29-year-old artistic prodigy Kat Porter has golden statues on her career horizon until she jolts her TV production company by hiring megastar (and mega-womanizer) Ian Graham. The resulting chaos exposes deep fault lines in the relationship with her pragmatic business partner and best friend, Bea Douglas…When art and business collide, can friendship survive?


Production Values is a fun, entertaining read. But it also offers much food for thought - and fodder for book club discussion! How do we treat the people around us, in this age of issues-driven morality? Do we let activism overwhelm our compassion? The tale of Kat and Bea is one of friendship - why we value it and why we let it go - and family, for good or ill.  And then, wrapped inside all of that is a juicy romance!


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Production Values Book Club Special

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