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Michael Kiwanuka
Album: Love & Hate


Like a lot of people, I spent this spring obsessed with Big Little Lies. Especially the music. And it all started with the title use of this brilliant piece from Brit soul artist Michael Kiwanuka. With songs like "Black Man In A White World" and "I'll Never Love", the whole album is worth a listen (or a few dozen).

Agnes Obel
Album: Aventine


Another Big Little Lies find. I'm in love with Agnes Obel's sound entirely - gentle but deep, soothing but thought-provoking. Aventine features gorgeous vocals and layered instrumentals. And one of my all-time favorite instrumental tracks, "September Song".

The War on Drugs
Album: Lost in the Dream


I have a cool music friend – we all do, right? That person who goes to concerts like some people go to Starbucks, who legitimately knows every song played at the Wilco concert. That person is a good friend to have. So when my cool music friend said “hey, check out this album”, I did. And it’s like Bob Dylan and The Verve had a music baby (look at me trying to be the cool music person) -  atmospheric,  poetic rock and, of course, highly listenable on endless repeat.

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